Editorial Placements and Guest Post on Top Tier Outlets

Editorial Placements and Guest Post on Top Tier Outlets

Are you tired of investing tons of money into the latest SE0 trend, only to have google obliterate all of your effort with a single update? Are you tired of having your high quality business listed next to hundreds of zero effort affiliate pages in spammy Wog posts? Maybe it’s time to try something new. We offer a service that will be hard to get blacklisted by BIG G. As a matter of fact, it is recommended by BIG G as a the source of increasing your domain authority and getting massive traffic in a short period of time.

We find that all clients want something a little different out of PR… and as a marketing medium, it certainly offers diverse benefits:  short-term sales, image management, brand building, consumer awareness, relationship cultivation and more.  Public relations is a highly strategic tool used by destinations, hotels, resorts, inns, cruise lines, airlines, hotel management companies, attractions, associations, and more to achieve business goals.

But let’s be honest, folks.  PR takes patience, perseverance, creativity, risk tolerance, and commitment.  We have those things in spades and more importantly, we sprinkle them onto clients to help them achieve maximum success in media relations.  Why?  Because courting the media today is more complicated than ever.  Nearly every media outlet has several types of channels in its portfolio (print, online, broadcast), plus all of them have multiple social media channels, AND the journalists themselves ALSO have their own social channels.

Then there’s bloggers.  And influencers.  And paid partnerships that are kinda-advertising-kinda-PR-kinda-social.  This translates to near-limitless opportunities in travel, tourism, and hospitality PR.

Whew.  It’s a lot to embrace.  But our team maintains relationships with influential journalists and social media stars all across North America and we bond with new ones every day.  This allows us to navigate the editorial and social landscape on behalf of clients and help them conquer it in a targeted, strategic, and digestible fashion.

ARTICLES FEATURED ON ESTABLISHED EDITORIAL WEBSITE LIKE FORBES, THE NEW YORK TIMES, INC, FASTCOMPANY, ENTREPRENEUR, BUSINESSINSIDER, BLOOMBERG and MORE are guaranteed to promote your brand to the right prospect and also increase your search engine visibility.

Stop going into the same tired websites that provide no tangible benefits to you. Let our team of professional, native English writers craft an article that highlights the best aspect of your business. Then, we’ll get you listed on a reputa-ble, well known web-site with high DA. Your content will be seen by many readers. This provides you with not only an unparalleled boost to your rankings, but also a steady stream of natural, organic traffic excited to see what your business has to offer.

This editorial outlets are guaranteed to catapult your business marketing results. All you have to do is relax while we drive targeted traffic, credibility, sales and trust to your brand website/blog using our white hat editorial connections.  Every client wants to grab the media spotlight. And since BlogFeatured began its life as a PR firm, making news for clients – creating it, spinning it, harnessing it, and spreading it – is central to our wheelhouse. Here’s a selection of coverage we’ve generated.

Contact us to learn more about our expertise in more pr related services:

***** Visiting Journalist Programs
***** News Bureau Campaigns
***** New Attraction/Hotel/Cruise Ship Launches
***** Social Influencer Campaigns
***** Integrated & Digital PR Programs
***** Strategic Brand Partnerships
***** In-Market Media Tours
***** Satellite Media Tours
***** Image Management
***** Special Events – Consumer, Media, Trade
***** Crisis Communications & Response
***** Consumer PR Campaigns
***** Trade & B2B PR Campaigns
***** Trade Show Support
***** Radio Promotions
***** Byline & Advertorial Writing
***** Content Development & Management Programs

Our Full Price List - All Dofollow and Indexed in Google Search Engine and News

Forbes $1000

Entrepreneur $1000

nytimes.com $1000

cnn.com $900

wsj.com $900

washingtonpost.com $800

telegraph.co.uk $800

dailymail.co.uk $800

npr.org $800

usatoday.com $800

latimes.com $800

nasa.gov $800

wired.com $800

times.com $800

cbsnews.com $600

springer.com $700

independent.co.uk $900

nbcnews.com $600

cbc.ca $600

Businessinsider.com $800

theatlantic.com $500

cnbc.com $600

mashable.com $900

TechCrunch $1000

ietf.org $600

pbs.org $600

engadget.com $500

foxnews.com $600

slate.com $700

theconversation.com $500

usnews.com $800

theverge.com $500

gizmodo.com $500

cern.ch – $500

smh.com.au – $500

zdnet.com – $600

vox.com- $600

fastcompany.com $700

newyorker.com $600

arstechnica.com $800

thehill.com $500

politico.com $500

salon.com $600

nsw.gov.au $600

news.com.au $600

mirror.co.uk $700

lifehacker.com $600

pcmag.com $500

pcworld.com $600

zdnet.com $600

newsweek.com $700

washingtontimes.com $700 

thehill.com $800

fool.com – $700

investors.com $500

fortune.com $800

gizmodo.com $800

barchart.com $1200

msnbc.com $1000

fivethirtyeight.com 500$

barrons.com $500

thedailybeast.com $700

investorplace.com $600

bankingtech.com $600

nerdwallet.com $600

realclearpolitics.com $500

6stocktwits.com $750

stockhouse.com $600

information-age.com $500

proactiveinvestors.com $500

investinblockchain.com $700

marketbeat.com $700


100% Guaranteed Publication.  Link will be dofollow and Indexed. 


Samples are available on demand. 


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Pub Features

  • Do-follow Links to Homepage and any otrher suitable pages
  • Article will be Permanent
  • Article will be indexed in all search engines including google news and bing search
  • Brand mention and CEO quote included
  • Article will be written and published by highly relevant EDITORS/CONTRIBUTORS.
  • Fast Turnaround time (Fast Approval) 15 days TAT.

Our Connections

Payment System & Policies

We take payment via PayPal and Payoneer. Those are the 2 major payment processor we use to accept payment. Also, we take 50% deposit before we commence any project. This is so we can cover the expenses involved in getting you featured. It also serve as a for,m of commitment and finally we pay our writers before the pick their pen to write for you. So, it very crucial you pay 50% deposit before we start any project. Remaining 50% will be upon order completion. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to pay the remaining 50% balance 2 days (48 hours) after order has been completed, we reserve the right to bring down your article or replace your links. 

We also guarantee that your article remain permanent online.


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    BlogFeatured has been connecting marketers and publishers since 2010, although we made it official in 2013. We have over 250 loyal agencies and brands in our stable and place over 650 links every month. Our link building and content marketing campaigns are customized and targeted towards your niche.