Editorial In-content Links Via Guest Posting

If you got to this page – you probably know the importance of guest blogging for better SEO. It is highly coveted and promising practice but only if it is done right. Our specialized and skilled staff is dedicated to going up and above your expectation with the talent, experience, and know-how to help you create a reliable guest posting campaign so you can unlock the full potential of your business. Built by SEOs for SEOs, at BlogFeatured we leverage long-term relationships with webmasters and contributors we trust, with truly qualitatively and quantitatively GREAT sites. Put our expertise to ensure you secure guest post placements on real and reputable blogs.

Secure Placements On Authority Blogs Without Hassle

Do you want to build a reliable stream of traffic, generate quality leads, and convert sale after sale from your guest post link building campaign? We’ll handle everything while you focus on your business’ bottom line. From content creation, to blog outreach, and guest post placement, we got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and watch as you begin to earn traffic, leads, and even conversions without lifting a finger.

It gets better. BlogFeatured is out to help you get mentioned in some of the world’s most popular blogs. Irrespective of your industry, appearing on these blogs can earn you enormous traffic and highly qualified leads while at the same time generating invaluable brand awareness for your business/brand.

Reliable & Targeted

BlogFeatured main aim is to get your content in front of the right audiences and help you build a strong base of loyal readers.

Transparent & Controlled

Outsource guest post campaigns hassle-free, and still be in control! Will give you the opporutinity to choose the sites and approve content before placement

100% Money Back

And, the best part is – our 100% money-back guarantee means that you get to enjoy all these quality services completely risk-free!.

Rapid Growth

Aside from their SEO benefits, guest posts significantly increase brand awareness. A well-thought guest post service puts your content in front of your audiences in every corner of the globe. 

The 5-Step Process

The Blogfeatured guest posting strategy is a five-step process that should see you earning quality traffic in no time.

  • Input Information - We begin provided information by you that will include your site url, keyword anchor text and project brief and our team will take it from there.
  • Finding the Right Guest Blogs - Since we already have a large inventory of blogs, this step mostly involves identifying the perfect match for your content. You’ll have the final word on the blogs to be used.
  • Ideation and Pitching - With linkable content located and matching guest blogs identified, we can then begin to put together relevant content ideas then pitch to the guest blogs’ editors, keeping you posted throughout.
  • Content Creation - Here you have two options. 1st After the topics are approved, our expert content writers will then get to work and get back to you with professionally crafted content for your review before publishing. 2nd you can choose to provide your own content on reduced rates. -
  • Publishing and Reporting - In this final step, we will provide a detailed report showing quality posts containing links to some of the best content on your website are published in top blogs in your industry. We’ll also be sending weekly reports to keep you updated.
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    BlogFeatured has been connecting marketers and publishers since 2010, although we made it official in 2013. We have over 250 loyal agencies and brands in our stable and place over 650 links every month. Our link building and content marketing campaigns are customized and targeted towards your niche.