Twitter Verification

Less then 1% of users are verified on twitter and the ones that are verified enjoy better features with twitter and stronger results. It protects your brand so that fans and followers know that your account is the only official account online.

Instagram Verification

Take advantage of your dedicated presence at Inc., the most trusted source of all things entrepreneurial, and showcase your business in a trusted context.

Youtube Verification

Get Verified on youtube or VEVO. Enjoy the benefits or protecting your brand and having users find you first in the search engines. less then 1% of users are verified. Send us your youtube or VEVO channel and get started with verification today.

Facebook Verification

Facebook verification is a bit easier and less of a hassle as far as meeting requirements but it still will bring a strong effect and presence to your brand. When your verified it will allow you to pop up first in the search engine leading to more attention. Contact us today to start your Facebook verification


Snapchat verification is a bit easier and less of a hassle as far as meeting requirements but it still will bring a strong effect and presence to your brand. When your verified it will allow you to pop up first in the user search first before your contacts snaps.


It would seem that a network for communicating with peers, sharing company news, networking and job seeking would have a Facebook-like way to verify a profile or company page, but LinkedIn runs things a little differently. We know the in and out! 


Pinterest offers benefits to being verified (like surfacing a verified account in auto-suggest search results), but it is not opening up verified accounts to everyone on Pinterest. We can get you verified using our trusted strategies and connections. 


Are you an upcoming artiste looking out toget verified and make wave in the music industry. This could be a great start for your carreer. A blue badge besid your profile means you’re now like Jay Z and Beyonce. Simply means you’re a rockstar. Contact us to get verified. 


Get Verified on Social Networks Like FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media is a popularity contest that some pay to enter (through advertising or influence marketing) and others compete on organically – or a combination of the two.

One of the deciding factors about whether a person or a business “wins” is if social media users trust that page/profile enough to align themselves with them publicly- therefore opening their newsfeeds to their messages and their interactions with the brand/person to their friends. With more social networks opening up to direct selling, trust will become an even more important element in social success. 

Aside from having an established relationship with the person or business, there’s an easy way to establish trust if profile/page admins are willing to take the necessary steps.

Becoming a “verified” profile on networks that provide such a feature (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat) can increase visibility and trust. Contact us let get you verified in less than 15 days. We have the required connection and strategies. Each account verification cost $2000 only and it 100% guaranteed. Payments are processed via credit cards/debit cards, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer. 

After payment, we will forward a questionnaire to your email.. fill the questionnaire and our Connections will get to work. You will receive updates on emails regarding your verification process every week. 

You only need to sit back, relax and wait to see the blue shinning badge beside your profile picture. 100% guaranteed. 

REFUND POLICY : We provide 100% full no questions asked refund policy if we fail to get you Verified. 

Get The BLUE TICK Today! Would you like to get verified on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat

We are presently offering social media verification at a very affordable price, contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Sit down, relax and wait for the BLUE TICK on your profile.

Guess what? It 100% Guaranteed! 

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